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  1. This is why clothing companies want to know about your weight, jobs and past pregnancies


    The first step for a shopper buying a suit at the fast-growing menswear retailer Indochino is sharing his personal information: A salesperson armed with an iPad measures nearly everything on his body, from the distance between his belly button and rear to the circumference of his knees.

  2. Black on the red carpet is not the answer, but it's a start


    Black. Blank. The absence of color. The sobering, cavernous apex of nothingness.

  3. Time to shine: Embrace this holiday season's beauty trends


    The holiday season has officially arrived, bringing all the glitz and shine of twinkling lights and tinsel. It's also bringing festive get-togethers, and whether they're office parties or fancy soirees, the instinct is to look as shiny and bright as the season. What better place to start than with makeup?

  4. Tampa Bay Fashion Week educates a 12-year-old aspiring designer


    TAMPA — Sarah Crawford sat inches from the runway at Tampa Bay Fashion Week, wearing a sleeveless blue dress and a bright pink necklace she had picked out the night before. Her eyes scanned intently as models made their way down, draped in the work of local and brand-name store attire.

    From left, Jenn Greacen-Crawford of Seminole, Fla. and daughters, Abigail Crawford,17, and Sarah Crawford, 12, at Tampa Bay Fashion Week's Friday night runway fashion show at International Plaza, Tampa, Fla., October 6, 2017. Sarah has been homeschooled for the last year, is interested in fashion and her mother created a fashion curriculum for her prior to her attending Friday night's fashion show. Tampa Bay Fashion Week has taken her under its wing to help her learn about how clothes are designed and made. CHERIE DIEZ   |   Times
  5. Met Gala photos: Rihanna in petals, Zendaya in parrots and more eye-catching fashion


    NEW YORK — It's been called the "Oscars of the east coast" in terms of fashion fanfare.

  6. Time Capsule: A brief look back at 1960s fashions (and prices)


    As I add new (so to speak) historical photos into the Tampa Bay Times archive, I'm always on the lookout for ones to share online. Here's a set pulled from photos featuring Iris Terrill, a local model from the 1960s. Not only is it a great sampling of what the fashionable women of the 1960s were wearing, it also offers …

    March 16 1966 - Long line jacket suit in celery has gold colored weskit. Silk is slub-textured. Sizes 14-16. $75.95. Dramatic black and white hat in shiny straw. $13.98. (Bob Hannah | Times)
  7. Katy Perry's rainbow-colored shoe line is giving us life


    Did you know Katy Perry had a shoe line? It doesn't really matter. Everyone has a shoe line. My cat has a shoe line (it's kind of rote, to be honest, but she doesn't get out much).

    Katy Perry's "Hillary," a shoe named after Hillary Clinton. $139.
  8. Oscars 2017 red carpet fashion recap (with video)


    Now with video! 

    At this hour in the day, after last night's late, late Oscars cast, reading feels like a tall order. As me how I know. If you still want a fashion recap but don't want to attempt to process words on a page, here I am describing it for you on video. Don't say we never do anything for you.

  9. Your boyfriend probably wants you to wash your hair more often


    How often do you wash your hair?

    It's confusing, right? One minute, the pros are telling you to barely ever wash it, to let your natural oils do the work because all that shampooing can be drying. The next, as in, this moment, they're saying, wash more!

    Make hair washing more enjoyable by getting a young Robert Redford to do it for you.
  10. Kate Upton makes third appearance on Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover


    NEW YORK — She's once, twice, three times a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model.

    Kate Upton appears on the cover of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for the third time. [Sports Illustrated]