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  1. Ann Curry 'not surprised' by Matt Lauer scandal, says NBC had a 'climate of verbal harassment'

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    After Matt Lauer was fired from the "Today" show in November due to allegations of sexual harassment, multiple awkward TV moments from his past came to light, particularly regarding conversations with women. One incident got a lot of renewed attention — Ann Curry's disastrous exit when she left "Today" in 2012.

  2. Review: Truth and lies are the focus of 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace'

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    Maybe Jack Nicholson was wrong. We can handle the truth.

  3. TV is showing us the dark side of playing God

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    Theologians and other thinkers have described God in several ways over the centuries. God is a stern father. He's a mechanistic prime mover. He's a watchmaker. And, most recently, in the NBC sitcom The Good Place, God is a television showrunner.

  4. Barack Obama to be David Letterman's first guest on new Netflix show

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    David Letterman has lined up former president Barack Obama to be his first guest when he returns to a TV talk show later this month.

  5. 'Roseanne,' 'The Chi,' 'Electric Dreams' and other TV options to keep you warm this winter season

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    Winter is a time for sweaters, hot drinks and adding new TV shows to our never-ending lists. Just kidding. We know it's Florida, and we won't be snowed in. But let us live. We have a lot of TV to watch.

  6. Look for these adorable Tampa Bay puppies on TV in the Puppy Bowl

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    It's the annual antidote to burly football players running into each other. Fluffy puppers stumbling into each other!

  7. Video: 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek on leave after brain surgery, says 'prognosis is excellent'

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    Alex Trebek's no-nonsense tone is something of his trademark. The "Jeopardy!" host has employed it in more than 6,800 episodes of the game show, doling out kind rebukes and droll affirmations to players.

  8. 5 new shows that we're going to pass on this season

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    The options on TV runneth over these days, and fewer options would weed out time-wasters. These unoriginal shows coming to your tube this season have some work to do.

  9. If you miss Downton Abbey, these new period shows will get you through

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    The Crown and Downton Abbey prove this niche drama has wide appeal. These three shows debuting in the coming months will sop up some of the hungry period drama fan base.

    The Alienist (TNT)

    10 p.m., Jan. 22

  10. 6 new shows featuring actors we know and love

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    When cherished shows end, it's sad to say goodbye, but there's hope the actors will get recast in something just as great. This season, some of our favorite faces (hi, Joan from Mad Men!) are back on our screens.

    Good Girls (NBC)

    10 p.m., Feb. 26