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Parenting & Relationships

  1. Tell Me About It: Think carefully before moving for romance


    I'm contemplating a long-distance relationship with a guy I met at an event through an organization we're both part of. We've been texting nonstop for a few months and have had a couple of in-person dates. I'm waiting to decide until after we see each other during a weeklong event we're both going to for this …

  2. Tell Me About It: Introvert dreads in-laws moving in nearby


    Q: My husband is extraordinarily close with his siblings and parents. They visit with one another at least four times a week. I feel pressure to attend, but usually politely decline. This prompts questions about my whereabouts and "we never see you" comments.

  3. Tell Me About It: Ease up on the push back of mom's gifts


    back of mom's gifts

    Q: My mother was raised in pretty austere financial circumstances, and for my entire life has equated things with love. My childhood was materially abundant but emotionally austere, so I'm definitely a skeptic of these values.

  4. Tell Me About It: Couple considers living on one income


    Q: My husband and I, both unhappy in our jobs, have determined that with some strategic penny-pinching, we can live on one salary for a while. The question now is, whose salary?

  5. Tell Me About It: Consistently treat twins as individuals


    Q: We have 11-year-old identical twin boys who are wonderful and very different little guys. They both do well in school and their other activities, but "Dylan" is pulling ahead a bit, particularly in sports. We are finding that even though "Cole" enjoyed the sports equally at first, he loses interest as …

  6. Tell Me About It: Mom's stroke threatens plans for children


    Q: Recently you gave advice about how it's "never the perfect time to have a baby," and that's true, but does the calculation change any if you're planning to be a single mom?

  7. Tell Me About It: Wife uses silent treatment to be cruel


    Q: My wife is a wonderfully sensible person and appropriately sensitive. She is the oldest of three sisters and often feels left out. The age and geographical distance make it understandable that her two sisters have a much closer relationship.

  8. Tell Me About It: Grandson could use advice, not judgement


    Q: My 17-year-old grandson bought his 17-year-old girlfriend of barely two months lingerie from Victoria's Secret. I think this is very inappropriate. He thinks I'm a dinosaur. Guidance, please?