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The remains of the dead along the U.S.-Mexico border


  1. A Little Perspective: The Amish iPhone and a butterfly's engineered wing color


    A young woman, wearing a traditional full-length Amish dress and white bonnet, steps away from a farmers' market in Manheim, Pa., opens her palm and reveals a smartphone. She begins to scroll through screens, seemingly oblivious to the activity around her. The Amish have not given up on horse-drawn buggies. Their rigid …

    An Amish woman uses a smartphone at a farmers’ market in Manheim, Pa. Cellphones are making their way into some Amish communities, pushing them — sometimes willingly, often not — into the 21st century at least in their marketplace, if not at home.
  2. 'Toxic' times: How repeal of Florida's tax on services reverberates, 30 years later

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Long before Hurricane Irma attacked Florida, the state faced a troubled fiscal future that the storm will only make worse.

    Robertson says the tax debate is now “toxic.”
  3. A look at the new data on income, poverty, health insurance


    The new annual data for income, poverty and other measurements are out for 2016. To help readers cut through the weeds, let's summarize a few of the key national and Florida statistics.

    Median income

  4. PolitiFact: What's at stake in the tax debate?


    Even as the Senate is taking up yet another attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act, the debate on tax policy is still cooking along on a front burner.

    President Donald Trump speaks during a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers regarding tax policy, at the White House in Washington on Sept. 13. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)
  5. Tampa Bay Times staffers tell their tales of Hurricane Irma


    Editor's note: When Hurricane Irma headed our way, Times journalists deployed to cover the gathering storm and its aftermath. When the downtown St. Petersburg newsroom shuttered ahead of the storm, a core group, fueled by junk food, coffee and enough sweets to make Big Sugar smile, hunkered down in …

    Palm trees in the wind at the Tampa Premium Outlets at 2300 Grand Cypress Drive, Lutz, FL as Hurricane Irma arrives Sunday evening, Sept. 10, 2017.
  6. Perspective: Florida's hurricanes and how they altered history


    Editor's note: This essay is adapted from Gary R. Mormino's forthcoming book, "Florida and the Age of Fear: 2000-2017." He is professor emeritus of Florida history at USF St. Petersburg.

  7. Perspective: Another round in the battle over Vietnam


    There are two Vietnam wars, and the second is still going 40 years after the first ended. The United States fought the first one from 1959 to 1975 in the jungles, villages and airspace of Indochina. The second is the war over how that war, the first lost war in America's national history, is remembered. This month, as …

    With his machine gun, a paratrooper of the U.S. 82nd Airborne Brigade advances near Hue at the height of the Vietnam War.
  8. Perspective: How legalization caused the price of marijuana to collapse


    All the diverse effects of legalizing recreational marijuana may not be clear for a number of years, but one consequence has become evident almost immediately: Pot has never been so cheap.

  9. Perspective: How to accident-proof the police


    "It's 2:30 in the morning and my phone rings. My daughter says, 'Daddy, you need to come to the hospital,' " Michael Bell told me, of the moment in 2004 when he learned that his son had been shot by a police officer in their hometown, Kenosha, Wis.

  10. Perspective: A Baby wails, and the adult world comes running


    A normal human baby, according to psychologists, will cry about two hours over the course of a day.

    In almost every mammal species, an infant’s cry has a primal impact on nearby adults. Scientists are beginning to figure out why.
  11. Perspective: How to recognize burnout before you're burned out


    Emma Seppala was working as an intern at the International Herald Tribune one summer in college in Paris, shuttling between the newsroom writers and editors on the second floor and the workers at the printing presses in the basement.

    iStock photo
  12. A Little Perspective: An ancient clay tablet got the angle on Pythagoras by a millennium


    Two Australian mathematicians assert that an ancient clay tablet was a tool for working out trigonometry problems, possibly adding to the many techniques that Babylonian mathematicians had mastered.

    iStock photo
  13. Column: Why Florida and its politicians don't get any national respect


    Florida is the Rodney Dangerfield of national politics. Our politicians get no respect. Of the 10 most populous states, only Florida is such a Neverland: never had anyone elected speaker of the House, president of the Senate, majority or minority leader of the House or Senate or never had anyone serve as vice …

  14. Cheer up, Rick Baker. This race isn't over yet


    ST. PETERSBURG — Rick Baker wasn't the most lovable candidate when he was winning the mayor's race. In his first campaign speech, he sourly cast St. Petersburg as a disaster zone under Mayor Rick Kriseman, and in their only televised debate, he smugly declared, "I just don't like" Kriseman.

    Former Mayor Rick Baker, making a political comeback in this year's mayoral primary, appeared at his election watch party at the StayBridge Suites after Tuesday's primary. He will face incumbent Mayor Rick Kriseman in the Nov. 7 runoff. [CHERIE DIEZ   |   Times]
  15. Column: Why Mary Lou Baker belongs in Florida Women's Hall of Fame


    In March 1939, Miami lawyer Ethel Murrell told an assembly of Florida State College for Women students that Florida law classified married females in the same legal category as lunatics and idiots. Murrell's remarks sparked a heated debate, prompting the Tampa Tribune to ask the headline question: "Should Married …

    Baker: “The purpose of a name is to designate an individual.”
  16. A Little Perspective: Of sea snake skins and similar faces


    There's something odd about turtle-headed sea snakes. It is not their name, or that they give live birth instead of laying eggs, or that they paddle more than they slither. It's their skin. For years, researchers noticed that the aquatic snakes living in waters near human activity had jet-black skin, but most others, in …

    In an undated handout photo, a turtle-headed sea snake. Researchers have found that turtle-headed sea snakes living closer to humans lose their colored bands to become darker, solid-colored snakes, as a result of pollution.
  17. Column: Why women had better sex under socialism


    When Americans think of communism in Eastern Europe, they imagine travel restrictions, bleak landscapes of gray concrete, miserable men and women languishing in long lines to shop in empty markets and security services snooping on the private lives of citizens. While much of this was true, our collective stereotype of …

  18. PolitiFact: Arpaio falsely ties conviction to Obama administration


    President Donald Trump's pardon of convicted former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio drew an immediate tweet of gratitude from the man he spared from a six-month jail term.

    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks at a news conference at the Sheriff's headquarters in Phoenix, Ariz., in 2013. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)
  19. Friedman: From Kabul to Baghdad, my bird's-eye view


    BAGHDAD — I just spent eight days traveling with the Air Force to all of its key forward bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. So President Donald Trump's speech Monday night was very timely for me. It was also unnerving.

  20. Column: What an Afghan victory looks like under the Trump plan


    KABUL, Afghanistan — The retired Afghan general is no friend of the Taliban: He is a parliament member, an adviser to the Afghan president and a combat veteran. But he is also from Helmand province, the heart of the Taliban insurgency, and knows people on the other side.

    A peaceful protest became a funeral after suicide bombers tied to ISIS attacked marchers near Kabul, Afghanistan, last year.