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  1. American wines red, white and sparkling for your Thanksgiving table

    Bars & Spirits

    You've dusted off Grandma's good crystal for the Thanksgiving table. Or you've pulled out all your mismatched stems to have enough for every place.

    Now what to pour?

  2. Local mixologists tackle Drambuie, a whiskey with ties to Bonnie Prince Charlie and Prohibition

    Bars & Spirits


    In July 1746, John MacKinnon helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. In thanks, the prince gave MacKinnon the secret recipe to his personal liqueur, later known as Drambuie. An aged Scottish malt whiskey blended with heather honey and herbs — anise? …

    Ryan O’Neill’s winning cocktail, the Out of the Skye, used Drambuie, scotch, cranberry ginger syrup, meyer lemon juice, Angostura bitters, egg white and oloroso sherry.
  3. Bar review: The swank CW's Gin Joint in downtown Tampa

    Bars & Spirits

    I was thinking a bit about the ubiquitous speakeasy trend and it occurred to me that the nucleus of the thing isn't flapper dresses, moustaches or suspenders, but rather the suggestion of exclusivity — of being cool, in-the-know and invited to the secret party. (Remember when the neo-speakeasies required …

    CW’s Gin Joint is a ritzy restaurant and cocktail bar on N Franklin Street in downtown Tampa. It’s new and popular as folks enjoy the atmosphere and top-notch craft cocktails.
  4. Local craft beer of the week: Pep in Yo Step Double IPA, Infusion Brewing Co.

    Bars & Spirits

    Pepper beers walk a fine line. The best ones, as is the case with most spicy endeavors, are as much about flavor as they are heat.

     Justin Grant/special to tbt*
  5. Bar review: From drinks to dining, it's Clear Sky all the way

    Bars & Spirits

    There are a couple of things to appreciate about the local Clear Sky restaurant chain. First, all of its locations open at 7 a.m. While that's an hour that I typically reserve for deep sleep, it's good to know that I could also use that time to get some drinking done. Second, the Clear Sky crew has given each location a …

    The Smoky Maker’s Mule uses a smoked copper mug and smoked simple syrup for a new take on the Kentucky mule.

Can you spy the famous Skipper's Smokehouse collectibles?

See if you can find the collectibles listed below behind the bar at the famous Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. Use your scroll wheel or double-click to zoom into the picture. Click and drag to move the picture around. Once you find a collectible, click to see a larger version.

Here's what you need to find:

Buddy Guy portrait  |  Signature Drink  |  An Ode to Hippies  |  Pachinko  |  Man v. Food Photo  |  Pyramid-shaped "Blues Trophy"  |  A gift from their gator meat supplier

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