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  1. Disney theme park deal for Florida residents returns, but the price climbs


    January once again brings a Florida resident ticket deal from Walt Disney World, though the price continues to climb.

  2. What Donald Trump's robot has to say at Disney's Hall of Presidents


    Complete with corn-yellow hair and a tie that reaches just below his belt, animatronic President Donald Trump has taken his place at Disney World's Hall of Presidents.

  3. Video: Trump takes place among Disney World's Hall of Presidents


    More than a year after he won the 2016 election, President Donald Trump has finally taken his place in Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom. And while we don't want to say out loud …

  4. This Disney food is delicious: 5 holiday treats only available in December


    One thing Walt Disney World has mastered in recent years is driving the public into a frenzy for over the top food. It's often offered for a limited time or, like the creamy Dole Whip, at a limited number of food stands.

    Sandy Claws Orange-Vanilla Cake Push-Pop is one of the holiday treats that are only going to be available through the end of December, and this one will only be in the Magic Kingdom

Photo courtesy Walt Disney World